Welcome to Uncle Ron's AZ-Gold Findin' Page.

Yahoo, it's Nugget Finding Season

now in the Big AZ!


There's been some awesome gold found here in the big AZ during the past year, and looks like this will be yer basic heiny kickin' year too!!!

Your Unc from Wickenburg actively prospects the areas on many of these Arizona maps darn near every day.

I want to help you find more gold in Arizona, and now, California, too.  Yep, I've added a few cool nugget areas on the California page featuring goldfield & claim maps.  There's some great one's available showing great sites in Southern California and the Motherlode. 

Sometimes I throw in an "X" on a map and sometimes I even show a "pointy finger" towards the likely gold bearing areas....

My custom Gold Finding Maps make a great  present for the prospector on your gift list.

Here's an important message:  One of the important purposes of AZ-Gold.com maps is to encourage support for, and membership in, the various prospecting clubs in Arizona and California. (See our links page for info on joining some of the clubs.) The clubs help protect our rights to prospect.  Remember, you must belong to a club to prospect on that club's claims.  Don't be a claimjumper!!!

It's heading into prime gold season, the Southwestern Weather is just Perfect...

And we're looking for great Fall and

Spring gold nugget findin',

so get your maps and get ready!!!


Look through our goldfield maps to learn the best places to seek out those elusive beauties....

We offer custom maps individually.  We also have collections in great, money saving packages...Click Below to Visit the Maps Page

Click here to Check Arizona Maps Out!




And Here to go to Our New California Custom Maps Page

Map Features:

  • Our custom goldfield maps are created from USGS 1:24,000 scale topographic images.
  • Full UTM and Long/Lat gridding for use with your GPS.
  • 24" X 26" page size although several special maps are larger.
  • Bright white high definition paper. 
  • Each map is typically composed from four USGS quad maps, with respective points of interest, i.e., club claim groups, goldfield centers, etc., centered on the page.
  • Prices range from $15.00 to $25.00, depending upon size.  Several special money-saving packages are available. 
  • Postage is FREE in the US. Maps are sent out via US Postal Service First Class.  Larger packages are sent via Priority Mail.

The State Map above shows the locations of some of the important Arizona gold fields our maps cover. 


Bradshaw Mountains

On our map page you'll find a brand new group of five custom gold claim maps covering the famous Bradshaw Mountains in Central Arizona.  These maps show goldfields down the length of the mountains where Arizona prospectors continue to produce amazing gold finds.  Check them out.

Click Here to Go to the Custom Gold Maps Page

At left is a collection of nuggets from the Little San Domingo (LSD) Goldfields near Wickenburg.  In addition to custom goldfield claims maps, we also will be offering nuggets like these beauties for sale.  The "Nuggets for Sale" page is brand new. Check it out.

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