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The Arizona Weather is Perfect...Warm, Dry & Sunny,

So, Yer Unc Has Put Together a Selection of Goldfields Packages

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AZ-Gold Special #1:  Hunt All the Central Arizona Goldfields with This "Snowbird Special" Map Collection

That includes Quartzsite, La Paz, Rich Hill, San Domingo, Vulture


The Entire Bradshaw Mountain Package



FOR ONLY $99.00

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As Always, Your Map Package is Shipped Priority Mail FOR FREE

(Note: The various club claims shown on the maps are based upon info from the clubs.

Recent changes in BLM policies and fee charges have caused some of the

clubs to alter or eliminate claims from time to time.  We strive

to make sure these maps are as accurate as possible at the time they are printed.  Since you must

be a club member to hunt on the claims, always make sure you have the current official info from your club.

All map sales are final.)




AZ-Gold Special #2

The Ultimate

Arizona Gold Hunters’

10-Map Special

for the new Nugget Hunting Season

This complete 10 Map Set at a Very Special Season Price!!!

Prospect for those trophy nuggets from the top to the bottom of the great gold nugget producing state of Arizona!

$160 value in Maps for only $99.00, Including Priority Shipping

The Package Includes these 10 great custom gold maps:

Rich Hill,

Vulture/Red Basin,

San Domingo Goldfields

La Paz


Potholes/Laguna Mtns.

Gold Basin

King Tut GPAA Claims

Havasu Gold Seekers

Greaterville GPAA Claims

The Photo below shows the general locations of the goldfields included in the package...



Only $99.00 including shipping

Just Released:

Our Newest Revised & Updated Custom Gold Claims Map,

Rich Hill

Now includes Weaver Mining District's claims around "the Hill."


Order Your's Now





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Northern Bradshaws

Shows GPAA & Roadrunner Claims west of Poland Junction together with famous Big Bug Creek, loaded with tailings, Galena Gulch, Ticonderoga Gulch & Big Bug Mesa Goldfields. 

$15.00 (Includes Shipping)

Middle Bradshaws

Nearly 40 claims located on such famous gold bearing creeks as Wolf Creek, Crooks Canyon, Turkey Creek & more!  If there ever was a reason to join the clubs, the opportunity to hunt for gold in these high mountains is it!

$15.00 (Includes Shipping)

Bumble Bee-Black Canyon Goldfields

There's a lot of gold awaiting discovery in the creeks, canyons and washes of this famous prospecting area.  Lots of club claims and open ground entice your metal detector, dredge, drywasher and gold pan.  From above Cleator on the North, all the way down to Tiger Canyon on the South.  Crazy Basin, Turkey Creek, Black Canyon & Bland Hill goldfields.

$15.00 (Includes Shipping)

Southern Bradshaws

Famous gold producing areas dot this custom goldfields map, including Humbug Creek, French Creek, Cow Creek, Cottonwood Creek and the ghost  town of Columbia, with its surrounding gold bearing gulches.  Lots of club claims.

$15.00 (Includes Shipping)

Rock Springs-Black Canyon City

More than seven square miles of club claims are featured in the washes and canyons located West of historic Rock Springs and Black Canyon City, plus lots of unclaimed ground to prospect as well.  Very close to Interstate 17, it's just a short jaunt from Phoenix to this golden opportunity.

$15.00 (Includes Shipping)

Special Offer

You can get the entire Bradshaw Mountains Five Map Package for Just $60!!

That's getting one FREE!

Hurry, Order Now!!

As always, the price includes FREE DELIVERY

via First Class US Mail.

Learn More About Prospecting in the Bradshaw Mountains

at Chris Ralph's "Prospectors' Encyclopedia"


Researching Gold Areas?

Check Out These Four New Custom Research Maps Below...



Chemehuevis Placers

These famous goldfields are located on the Arizona side of the Colorado River about 12 Miles SW of Needles, CA, and about 15 Miles NW of Lake Havasu City, AZ.  Large nuggets have come from this relatively unknown prospecting area.

via First Class US Mail.

Gold Bug--Northern Mohave Mtns.

Located NW of Dolan Springs, between Kingman, AZ, and the Hoover Dam, these goldfields surround the famous "Gold Bug" mine.  Flanked on the west by the Lake Mead Recreation Area (no prospecting there!), these gulches, gullies and washes hide lots of "secret" patches.

via First Class US Mail.

Lynx Lake - Groom Creek

Lynx Lake and Lynx Creek are famous goldfields near Prescott, AZ.  A portion of the area has been reserved by the US government and is open to the public for prospecting with gold pan, shovel and metal detector.  The SW portion of this custom map shows four claims belonging to the Roadrunners Prospecting Club.

via First Class US Mail.

Bitter Creek--Hieroglyphics Mtns.

Castle Hot Springs Road runs through the Hieroglyphics Mountains north of Phoenix, AZ.  A portion of the road traverses a length of Bitter Creek, including a number of claims owned by the Roadrunners Prospecting Club.  Many non-club but still gold-bearing areas surround this beautiful region, but if you want to hunt the RRPC claims, you better join the club.

via First Class US Mail.



Monsoon Special Custom Gold Map Collection

The Monsoons last summer hit several areas especially hard, so I've created the special package below to help you take advantage of those spots that really got wholloped with the flash floods in gold bearing gulches and washes.

These are some of Dodacious's favorite areas:



To celebrate the new nuggets the rushing waters uncovered,

 I'm offering the "AZ Monsoon Special" Custom Map Collection. 

It includes the maps showing the goldfields at

 Rich Hill and Little San Domingo (LSD)

on the West Side of the Bradshaw Mountains,

and at the Bumble Bee and Rock Springs goldfields on the East.

Only $45 for the package...Save $15

Add to Cart to Order---

There's many more maps below, but want to join a prospecting club? 

Uncle Ron Recommends These Clubs in the Golden Triangle:

Weaver Mining District


Ask for Julie

Havasu Gold Seekers

President Bob Montgomery  928-854-5040

or Vice-President Joe Tommila 928-208-7098                

Roadrunners Prospecting Club


Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA)


Tell'em All Uncle Ron Sent You



Don't need the northern and southern areas?  Here's the package for you!

Central AZ-Gold Hunters Special

Find the gold over hundreds of square miles

of WARM Arizona Sunshine Drenched Desert!!!

Wickenburg Area's

San Domingo, Rich Hill and Vulture Mine/Red Basin


Quartzsite (Huge) and La Paz Placers Maps.

An $85 Value Only $60

Order Now

And that includes 1st Class shipping to you!!!




Or Check Out These Other Individual  Custom Gold Maps and Special Packages


 "Arizona's Golden Triangle" Claims Map Package

 Prospect Around the Rich Hill and Wickenburg area with this special group of maps of three great nearby goldfields: 

  • Rich Hill,

  • Little San Domingo 

  • and Vulture/Red Basin

All three at the special package price of

only $35.00 including postage. 

Don't Miss This Great Opportunity to Explore the Main Wickenburg Area Goldfields!



King Tut Placer Area

(Sorry, No Photo)

This often overlooked placer area near Gold Basin has produced very sizable nuggets and is a great drywashing area, too.

The map is centered around the GPAA claims at King Tut,but covers the whole main placer area.

King Tut Map - $15.00



Gold Basin Goldfields

Extensive GPAA gold claims in the Gold Basin offer great gold, meteorites and wide open spaces. Spring and Fall are awesome nugget finding seasons here, and not too far from Las Vegas.

Gold Basin Map - $15.00


Greaterville Goldfields

Custom map of the eastern portion of the Greaterville Goldfields, including access route in from the highway. Center of the map is the famous Ophir, Kentucky and Louisianna Gulch mining area.

Greaterville Goldfields - $15.00


Yuma's Potholes-Laguna Dam Goldfields

Both sides of the Colorado River above Yuma. Two great Gold finding areas on one map. A truely unique mining area encompasses local of some of the very first Spanish gold discoveries in Arizona more than 300 years ago. Includes location in California, too!

Potholes/Laguna Dam Map - $15.00


Check out my Links Page for some great gold forums

and info on joining some great gold prospecting clubs

in AZ's Golden Triangle!


Just in time for the


 Prospecting Season.

Completely revised

Rich Hill Clubs Claims Map


  • Lots of new claims. 

  • Information on joining the clubs.


Rich Hill, AZ, Gold Claims Topo

All these club claims: 

Shows the Rich Hill area claims of the GPAA, LDMA,  Gold-Rock-Gem Adventures, Roadrunners, Why Not Prospectors and Weaver Mining District Gold Prospecting Clubs.

Huge gold nuggets are found in this famous historic mining area annually during the warm winter months. (The nuggets above are from a patch I found right in the middle of a camp ground there.)

Rich Hill Map - $15.00



NEW:  Franconia Meteorite Strewnfield Map

 Expand your metal detecting excitement,

Hunt Space Rocks.

 This large (24” x 48”) map of the famous Franconia Meteorite Strewnfield

Covers an area 8-1/2 by 17 miles.

That’s 144 square miles of prime meteorite territory!

At the bottom, it adjoins the Havasu Gold Seekers Claims Map And reaches north to Black Mesa.

 Franconia Map - $25 (including postage)


Meteorite & Gold Hunters Special 

Includes both the Franconia Strewnfield

And the Havasu Gold Seekers Club Maps 

Both for only $35 (including postage)


Brand New

 Havasu Gold Seekers

Custom Claims Map -

Nearly 20 great claims near Fraconia Wash - Great gold (and even meteorites) fer club members.  Includes contact info for joining the club.


Havasu Map - $15.00



Quartzsite, AZ, Club Claims Map

Custom Topo Map shows major gold areas ranging from Gold Nugget Road & Plomosa Pass on the East Side

To the Dome Mountains placers on the West together with the giant La Posa Recreation Area in the middle.

Huge 24" x 48", Includes UTM Grid   $25.00 including shipping


Another New Special Map!!!

The La Paz Placers Goldfields

The placers where Pauline Weaver found his first major gold strike before he discovered Rich Hill.

This map shows the extent of the placer fields and also indicates the general "gut" of the placers as well.  Also shows the boundries of the Indian reservation, where areas were withdrawn from casual prospecting.  A "Gotta Have" if you plan to be in the Quartzsite area this season!



San Domingo Goldfields

Shows approximately 50 claims belonging to Roadrunners, GPAA & Arizona Gold Prospectors Association and Arizona Prospectors clubs. One of the most extensive placer mining areas in Arizona, nearly 50 square miles. (The 1.1 Ounce nugget above and the two smaller ones gave me a happy day after Christmas Day in an overlooked wash near LSD.)


Greaterville, AZ, GPAA Gold Claims

Greaterville Goldfields, Southeast of Tucson, is known for large gold. Map shows all the GPAA claims in the area.


Vulture - Red Top Basin Goldfield Map

Home of the famous and intriguing "Vulture Dinks," there's also been a good number of sizable nuggets found here. This is a terrific and beautiful area for prospecting. The Roadrunners Club has some great claims, and this custom map has them centered to allow a good perspective of this famous mining area. (Above is a beautiful 1/2+ ouncer  I plucked from the Vulture Red Basin Goldfields)


GPAA Claims Maps Special:

Be Ready To Prospect in the North, Center & South of Arizona!!!

Get All Three GPAA Claims Maps (Rich Hill, Gold Basin & Greaterville) for only $35.00....That's a full $10 savings...

That's like getting one free....


Super Prospectors' Map Special--Add the San Domingo Goldfields Map to the GPAA Special and Order all four maps for only $45.00..



You can check out any time you like!

If you need a special map, or you prefer to pay by mail, drop me an email at  ron@az-gold.com











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